Merry New Year 

As the holidays descend upon us once again, it's time to reflect on the year that was, as well as the year that will be.  To take stock of all we are thankful for, and all we hope to accomplish in 2019...

I won't bore you with our 2019 goals, but I will say we are very thankful we are still able to do this (i.e. play music for you) after so many rewarding and memorable years.  We are also thankful for our 2 new band members, Nick Triano (joined on bass guitar in March of this year) and Jordan Garrett…

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Time marches on... 

Been a minute since our last update... We have a shiny new bass player and lots of new gigs.  We have been busy playing said live gigs, as well as working on our own band video.  That video is set to be released ... eventually.  It includes a bride, a groom, drone footage, sparklers, and drummer scott vacuuming out a car.  All the makings of a true cinematic masterpiece.  You won't want to miss it.  Until then, stay cool (like, literally - it's really hot outside) and be well...

-the significant others

Looking Ahead 

Hello to you, thanks for visiting our lil' ole website (these ARE still in use, aren't they?).  

We're a little late on our 'happy new year' post, so let's go with Happy Spring 2017.  We're very much looking forward to the upcoming season.  We have loads of new material, and a shiny new video almost in the can. Below is a pic from the shoot, it oughta tide you over... In the meantime, we thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you out and about...


the significant others



See the Forrest for the Trees 

If you're reading this, welcome!  It's been a long while since we've written, much has happened... More gigs have been booked, even more have been played.  More songs have been added to the venerable Significant Others Song List, even more have been performed.  And most notably, our esteemed guitar player and forever friend Chris Ryan departed the band back in January.  We're glad to report that the huge void left by Chris' presence was quickly and expertly filled by one Forrest Link.  Forrest is an…

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Shout Out 

I believe kids these days call it a "shout out" when someone calls unexpected attention to a person, place or thing (also known as a noun).  So thank you to Hayley Watson for our super cool shout out...

A Whole Year 

It's been a whole entire year since we updated this post.  This seems unacceptable to me - but what can you do?It's done.  I mean, it wasn't done.  I mean, not doing it is done.  It's time to move on... And move on we have.

What a stellar year we had in 2014.  We met so many great people - planners, photographers, caterers (we had some damn tasty meals last year), venue managers, and, of course, our uber hip clients, the wonderful brides and grooms who make what we do possible.  So thank you to all for a…

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Happy New Name/Year 

Greetings all, happy 2014.  Two big changes to report (in addition to the calendar):  

1.  We have a new name.  We are now The Significant Others.  It's memorable, it's sensitive, it's mysterious.  It's sexy, it's catchy, it evokes images that are significant and otherly.  In short, it's all the things we strive to be.  We can only hope to live up to the epic nature of our new name.  

2.  We'd like to welcome our newest, bravest, latest and greatest significant other to the band, Chris Ryan.  Chris is a…

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5 Men & A Booth 

Hey all, we're enjoying a relaxing yet prosperous summer, we hope you are too.  Here's a shot we took at a gorgeous wedding we were fortunate to play in Cape Charles, VA (congratulations Candace and Vaughn!). Nothing says "cheese" like 5 grown men in a very confined space.  

We're looking forward to more great gigs on the horizon - have a great remainder of the summer.  

peace and love,

the venture rays

Jump Around 

Sully getting down (or up?) at a wedding in Scottsville, VA (congratulations Colby and Kellen!).  Special thanks to Ron Dressel Photography ( for the great shot.  


Easing into 2013 

Greetings and Salutations my friends.  Just a quick note here to say Happy New Year (albeit a tad belated), and that we, your friendly neighborhood Venture Rays, are very much looking forward to seeing you in the weeks and months ahead.  With Groundhog Day behind us and spring on the horizon, we are eager to share with you the new tunes we've been working up whilst in vibernation (that's venture ray hibernation to you).  Until then, we wish you a warm and peaceful end to these long winter months.  Be well…

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