“Unique approach, universal appeal - combined elements of indie, top 40, classic rock, 80’s & 90’s make The Significant Others as danceable as they are lovable.”


David Miller - lead vocals, dance moves

Best Dressed Band Member Award Winner 2022

David has a buttery voice, impeccable fashion sense, and he used to be good friends with Bjork - no, really.  

Victoria Myers - lead vocals, keyboards, percussion

Chief Snack Provider

With a degree in Vocal Performance and a minor in Jazz Studies, Victoria knows more than the rest of us.  

Nate Griffith - lead guitar, b/g vocals

Parallel 5th's Supervisor

Nate is quick with a joke, will light up your smoke, and knows what year that random Dead song is from.  

Chris Compton - bass guitar, synth bass, b/g vocals

Captain meticulous

The only thing Chris likes more than attention to detail is a late night sub from Wawa.  Well, maybe his fanny pack too.  

Scott Milstead - drums, parking


Scott is a Yankee trying to make his way as a southerner, with mixed results.

Chet Frierson - sax, synth, percussion

I'm on a boat!

Chet loves all-you-can-eat buffets and sailing, especially when paired together.